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Services-Ready to Plan Your Next Outdoor Adventure?

Established in 2021, Groovy Green Escapades seeks to serve anyone who enjoys the common hike or the wild escapades.  It is our goal to provide a service for families/friends/groups with an insatiable appetite for adventure.  We lead many hikes in central, south, and north Georgia.

We love exploring nature and our outdoor adventures vary, taking us from areas in the national and state parks in around Metro Atlanta, the state of Georgia, to exploring further afield. Our playgrounds can be rugged and remote: from mountains to freshwater creeks; the coastline and and oceans flanked by natures' beauty, to  canyons of endless earthy colors; and sweeping skies covering us both day and night.

Groovy Green Escapades seeks to put an adventure goal in your view — using it as motivation to help you reach your excursion desire —and  the elements of getting fit come as a a byproduct of the goal. Motivation stays high. Even better, when combined with a community of supporters, overall wellness improves with encouragement from the friendships that are formed. Groovy Green Escapades caters our services for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

Our past trips have included wadding in Georgia waterfalls and hiking in Georgia’s “Little Grand Providence.”  We even ventured out to Gatlinburg to visit Sky Bridge, and we also explored the Ruby’s Waterfall and seeing the seven states at Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ready to hit the trail with a group of like-minded adventurers and explore the beauty of the outdoors? Groovy Green Escapades is your guide for local and distant nature adventures! 

Contact us below to get started .... Groovy Trails!

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