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Nature’s Escapades with a Splash of Green

The name Groovy Green Escapades is threefold: First, the name implies that you seek to experience nature in a stimulating, cool,  happy way.  The name also implies that you are going to explore and experience the majesty of nature .  Lastly, the name implies that you will experience an adventure. Those who join Groovy Green Escapades have a mission and passion to go hiking, explore nature, and are open to outdoor experiences both near and far.

Are you Ready for an Escapade? 

All About Me

Nature’s Escapades with a Splash of Green

-A Biography of LaTrice Green, M.Ed.

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." - Vincent Van Gogh

Today’s society is full of blessings, beauty and in contrast, also indulged in uncertainties, and chaos in many forms; therefore, it may be challenging to find a way to escape or nurture that inner child who screams for stability, passion, and stimulation. Imagine going through such challenges as an African American divorced woman in her forties? So, this is her Story. The biography of LaTrice Green, M.Ed.

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

In early 2017, my heart was heavy with distraction, heartbreak, and a dissolving marriage. Divorce was on the horizon and my life felt unsettled; it was hard to quiet my mind and truly think. I needed a way to console my body and heart for me to function in the world.


Then, an epiphany caressed my soul and my ancestors whispered in my ear to follow my passions. I was obedient and clueless, but I did it anyway. I went on a walk. Not a terribly long walk, but indeed a mini hike into the woods of Georgia. Those first steps were my beginning to a healing that has sustained my life and nurtured my soul.

I felt that society, in some regards, could be laced in disarray with constant stimulation, popularity contests and frothy judgments so it was difficult to quiet my brain and contemplate the next steps of my life. Getting into nature offered a way to find some silence and clarity; whereas it’s an vital tool to counter our standards of survival in society—especially for an African American female. Life, in general, has a way of promoting wellness and perfection so that, inversely and unintentionally, it translated to even more anxiety. In essence, the more pressure we put on ourselves, the more our health degrades. Our minds and bodies need stillness to regenerate. This was revealed to me while I went on my hiking journeys. I appreciated that nature was the healing element that revitalized my beliefs and thirst for adventure.


In 2020, hiking, camping and other outdoor recreational activities began to capture my curiosity and held it captive, at first, but then, I realized that I wasn’t a captive but, instead, I was a freedom fighter for life’s organic elixir. That was nature. Mother Nature provided me the rehabilitation I needed to piece together my life, my heart and be a better mother to my children. In addition, hiking was life's cure to being intrinsically wholesome. Hiking provided even more physical benefits that:

  • Building stronger muscles and bones.

  • Improving sense of balance.

  • Improving heart health.

  • Decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems.

Whether I found myself struggling up a steep incline or walking on a complex path, I found that hiking provided the perfect opportunity to get in a healthy workout for both my mind and soul.

"I found far more answers in the woods than I ever did in the city." - Mary Davis


As the year progressed, so did my intensity for being outside and around others. I joined several hiking groups in my area, but one issue stood out—I was either the only African American/Black or the only African American/Black female. Most of the hikes were led by Non-Black males who were more aggressive and controlling which sent a rush of isolation and insecurity that flooded my soul. Again, I felt lost.

This obstacle only fed into my spirit of adventure and needing to recapture the feeling of being one with nature; so, I searched for a group that accommodated that yearning—acceptance and friendship. As I continued my outdoor jaunts, I reached out to other minorities who shared my inspirations and struggles, and we formed bonds. These relationships were built on assimilating factors, such as being divorced, single, minorities, fear of the unknown and the love of nature. A conclusion was soon reached within me because I grasped that we required this outlet. African Americans no longer needed to fall into the stigma of ‘the being outside anxiety’ or stereotypes that we ‘hated being outside or feared the outside’. Those barriers needed breaking and, instead, should be embraced and nurtured.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir

Groovy Green Escapades, LLC. did just that; we ripped down those stigmas that pigeon holed many minorities into not welcoming nature as our healing foundation and reestablished that nature is open for all of us to enjoy—regardless of gender, race or creed. We provide a safe zone for emotions, expressions, and a judgment free platform for all. My inspiration for Groovy Green Escapades were birthed from seeking answers to my paralyzing anxiety and discovering nature as my self-therapy. It was derived from yearning for meaningful companions and alike persons to share in this journey of self-discovery and accepting the elements of the earth. The healing powers of nature subdues me in my voyage for self-reflection while building stronger bonds with my family, children, friends, colleagues, and other African American people. Hiking, Camping and the outdoors are nature’s remedies for love and adventure-- as well as groovy escapades.


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